Table scales WPT/F


Table scales series WPT/F are designed for fast and precise mass
determination. Tarring in the whole measuring range allows to determine
Nett Mass of the weighed loads.
Scales feature low-profiled esthetic, construction with PUE C/31
measuring indicator equipped with
backlit, LCD display. Their standard equipment includes one RS 232
interface, internal rechargeable NiMH accumulators, and a power
adapter. Scales series /F can be made with a measuring indicator on a
pillar, cable or fixed to the construction.
Table scales series WPT/F can cooperate with PC software EDYTOR
WAG, which contains the essential information on weighing indicated on
the display. It also allows editing and modifying all the user parameters
from the level of PC.
Optionally, the scales have possibility of weighing loads outside the
weighing platform (so called under hook weighing). It is an alternative, for
the loads with non-standard dimensions, shapes or emitting
electromagnetic field. Extra equipment comprises additional display. It is
used for controlling mass of the weighed load by third party


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