The 1230 is a highly portable carat scale, perfect for accurately weighing diamonds and precious gems, with 4 weighing modes – carat, gram, troy ounce, and grain. This mini scale has a folding hard cover to protect the weighing mechanism, and a draft-eliminating shield to remove even the slightest influence from drafts or air currents. It provides highly accurate readings on its easy-to-read 5 digit LCD display. Features include tare and calibration functions, stability indicator, energy saving auto power-off, and a low battery indicator. Includes soft case, gem cup, and 20 g calibration test weight. A professional accuracy level of 0.01 carat is achieved for a total capacity of 100 carats, and the 1230 does not to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off.


Additional information


6.2” x 3.3” x 1.1”


0.5” x 1.8” LCD

Unit Weight

8.1 oz


4 x AAA batteries (included)
or AC (included)

Capacity in 4 Modes

Carat – 100.0
Gram – 20.00
Troy Ounce – 0.64
Grain – 308.0

Graduation in 4 Modes

Carat – 0.01
Gram – 0.002
Troy Ounce – 0.0001
Grain – 0.5


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