Standard Features Include: 

  • Capacities of from 50kg to 500kg.
  • Responds quickly with accurate weights.
  • 6 digit LED display with status indications.
  • Application program include: Check weighing, Unit conversion.
  • Sturdy MS Square pipe structure provides equal load distribution.
  • Standard Stainless Steel Top Cover / Mild Steel checkered top for bigger size platforms.
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 20hrs continuous use.
  • Optional: Back Grill support, RS-232 connectivity, Connectivity with various indicators.
  • Multiple platform sizes & capacities available for customization

Additional information

Platform Sizes for Different Models

EP4040 – 400 x 400 mm.
EP5050 – 500 x 500mm.
EP6060 – 600 x 600mm.
EP7575 – 750 x 750mm


EP4040 – 100/150/200Kg.
EP5050 – 100/150/200kg.
EP6060 – 100/150/300/500Kg.
EP7575 – 150/300/500Kg


EP4040 – 10/20/20g.
EP5050 – 10/20/20g.
EP6060 – 10/10/20/50G.
EP7575 – 20/50/100g




Large Red LED display 6 digit (with indications)


Rechargeale Battery / AC Power 230v (50-60Hz)


RS-232 Port, Back Grill, Printer Options, Wall bracket indicator


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