Modern Compact Jewelry Balances for Accurate Weighing of Precious Metals and Stones. The PJX Series offers a range of Jewelry Balances for weighing precious metals and stones in a variety of capacities and readabilities. The PJX Series is OIML-approved and ideal for legal-for-trade applications. The PJX features an auxiliary display that can be easily connected to provide simultaneous viewing of results for both trader and customer. Select models come with a built-in internal adjustment system.

Standard Features Include:

  • Backlit LCD and Auxiliary Display Available for Clear Viewing of Weighing Results The PJX features a bright backlit LCD which displays results clearly. An auxiliary display can also be connected to allow both customer and trader to view weighing results simultaneously.
  • Compact Modern Design Fits Right on the Workspace. The PJX Series comes in a modern compact design, which is designed with saving space in mind. Additionally, keeping the draftshield lowered will help to get more stable weighing results.
  • Ideal for Legal-for-Trade Applications with OIML Approvals Select PJX models come with a built-in internal adjustment system, which calibrates the balance automatically, ensuring weighing accuracy at all times.
  • Equipped with Density Determination Mode for Accurate Pricing. The PJX features four weighing modes, including the Density Determination mode, which allows the user to test the density of unknown materials, and determine the type of material and its cost accurately.



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