Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales

We provide a range of different weighing scales such as platform scales, weighbridges, suspended scales, laboratory scales, table top scales, pocket scales, and animal scales.


Need a weighbridge? Don't look any further! We've got the one that'll be perfectly suitable for your needs.


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Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials emerged as a field during the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century.

What do we offer?

We are specialized in selling, installing and repairing all types of weighing equipment. We have over 15 years of experience and resourceful insight of the weighing industry. Our expertise in selling and servicing weighing equipment is backed up by high quality products and technical support. We are committed to delivering your projects on time, within scope and to the required quality you expect.

Our Products

Tanzania Weights and Measures Agency has approved all our scales. All our products are certified by ISO9001 and OIML approved and CE. We offer one-year guarantee on all our products and efficient back up service.

Our Experience

We have been serving the weighing industry since 2003. We are currently working with various industries based in Tanzania and the East African region. We have sold and installed over 2000 platform scales and constructed over 200 weighbridges.

Technical Support

Our technical support team consists of 4 qualified engineers, 15 technicians and 2 supervisors, of whom are licensed by the Tanzania Weights and Measures Bureau.

Our Values

Our Mission - To provide the latest high-quality weighing products and services to help your business gain an edge against competition while focusing on value and on time delivery.

Our Vision - To be the premier market leader in the weighing scale industry in Tanzania and East Africa region by supplying modern and cost-effective weighing solutions.

What we Provide

STC continues to proudly serve the weighing industry for over 15 years with emphasis on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide weighing solutions in all sectors including but not limited to industrial, medical, agricultural and the jewelry industry so that you can increase your profits and return on investment.

Our Experience

Working with us, you will find that we genuinely care about our customers and partners. We have a friendly and professional team who are always willing to help. Our aim is to meet all your weighing needs while providing you world class standard. We cover all aspects of the weighing industry and provide sales and technical support for our customers in the region.

class standard

Founded by home grown Tanzanian talent in 2003 and started from humble beginnings, STC has grown to be one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of electronic weighing scales and weighbridges in Tanzania and the East African region.

what can we provide?

our products

Sahel Trading Company has over 15 years of experiencing in providing a wide range of specialty weighing products shown below.

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    You can call our office or visit our showroom to get a quotation. Alternatively, fill out the form on the left to request a quote.
    The first step is to find out the minimum and maximum capacity required for your business needs.

    Secondly, find out how accurate you want your weighing scale to be. Some measurements such as lab work or jewelry require precision results in decimal places. Ask yourself, what are you weighing? Is it sensitive, small or a big sample? What environment will you be weighing in? Is it a lab, factory or field? Do you need the results to be printed out? This will help you narrow down your choices.

    You can also visit our showroom and one of our friendly professionals will assist you.
    Yes, STC provides after sales technical support for all our product line.
    All our products are backed up by a one-year warranty. You can contact our office and our technical team will help resolve your issue.
    STC provides after-sales calibration and service. Please contact our office or visit our showroom to get assistance.
    All our weighing scales and weighbridges are certified by the Tanzania Weights and Measures Bureau. Our weighing products are ISO9001, OIML and CE approved. Our technical support staff is licensed by the Tanzania Weights and Measures Bureau.
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