GK Series are the GOLD TESTER with our developed software which evaluates purity of Precious Metals.

GK-300 – Basic Model


  1. GKs can check purity to confirm if marked stamp on gold (platinum) is correct or not. GKs are very useful to check most common type of fake gold: lower purity than marked stamp on gold (platinum)
  2. Gold (platinum) which outside covered real gold (platinum), and inside with other metal can be detected.
  3. Non-gold (platinum) metals can be distinguished
  4. Can be measured scrap gold at a time and show average purity
  5. Also function as a normal gram scale and Densimeter
  6. Display Gold K9-K24 % (GK-300: 99%, GKS Series: 99.9%)
    Display Platinum / Silver: 600 – 1000 & % (GKS Series)

Precious metals which are not able to be tested with GKs:

  1. With hallow.
  2. With any stones (have to remove them when testing).
  3. Materials which have close density to gold (platinum).

Easy Operation in 20 Seconds 

  1. Measure weight in air
  2. Measure weight in water
  3. Result

Additional information


Lo, K9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 & purity 99%


1 to 0.01g/cm^3 (depends on weight of sample)

Measuring Range

0.01 to 300g

Minimum Weight


Weight / Dimension

1.54 kg / 218 x 900 x 170 mm

Power Supply



Weight Equipped


Airtight windshield, compact printer


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